Running a focus group for a major IT storage provider talking with financial clients. Have been both a speaker and moderator for several organisations, on topics such as digital marketing, ecommerce, public sector transformation, logistics, and data protection and privacy.

Gigi Johnson

Futures Builder

I have always been a big fan. Ms. Fairchild has consulted for industry leaders in the digital community for years and has a keen eye to understand the impacts of basic changes and challenges. She also has a broad base of professional contacts worldwide and a growing cadre of graduated students who are becoming future leaders.

Sarah Jane Brady

Head of Group Employee Communications at Generali

I have known Alea for 8 years and it was always a pleasure to work with her. She is, above all, resourceful, naturally curious and clear-thinking. She gets to the point and can navigate through complex problems with quick, insightful questions. She relishes fresh challenges, tight deadlines and is always going after new personal goals.

Clive Longbottom

Service Director at Quocirca Ltd

Alea is knowledgeable across a broad range of subjects - and is capable of positioning her knowledge in context, both at a technical and business level. Alea will take a solid position - and will support this position in front of anyone - whether this be a hyper-techie, or a CIO/CEO of a multi-national company.