The paper explains the rationale of crossroad banks in Belgium and examines three crossroad banks that exist, the one of the social security system, the one for companies, and the newest one for vehicle registration. Understanding the layers of government in Belgium (local, regional, national, and linguistic differences) is part of the background in explaining the rationale for an information broker for data exchange.

A crossroad bank can be defined as an information broker and/or register that links sources of information from different organizations to reduce the number of times the information needs to be provided. The purpose of these banks is to leave the information where it was captured and utilize the information appropriately as and when needed.  The concept of capturing the data only once has both administrative and data improvements associated with it.  To be able to audit data usage is important for the crossroad banks in terms of their authority as coordinators of registries.  We also discuss the use of interoperability standards as part of the ability of the crossroads banks to function within the Belgian governmental infrastructure.

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