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So much of the "as a Service" discussion has been around restructuring a given construct with a different operating model.   What we are working on at present is the use of the physical space around use in a different way, in order for the user to have a different experience that is unique and distinctive to the provider of services to the user.

In other words, we are looking at the role of physical location in the experience of the user.   How does the space make you feel, give you clues as to the service, add value via scent, lighting, warmth, etc?

One great example is the signature scent of 'The Hotel' in Brussels.  When you walk in, or walk out of an elevator, you know where you are by the scent.  Part of that experience and the services provided are enhanced by the memory of a particular fragrance.

Just like the experience on the aircraft is part of the service of the airline.  

So how does your office space provide clues to the kind of service your employees are supposed to be offering your clients? Because if the physical space is not providing inspiration to your employees and clues to behavior, inspiration to be part of the company community --- then perhaps you are not properly motivating your employees to want to come to the office.

Can they do their work from everywhere?  In other words, can you inspire them simply from a laptop screen to be part of your community?  Something to think about in your community building -- what is the role of the physical space on the experience on offer?

- Alea

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