With the possibility of using dynamic Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) as to be leveraging cloud infrastructure, does the inclusion of cloud make BPM more accessible to SMEs? Can SMEs benefit more now from BPM implementations?

Despite market confusion as to what ?cloud? means, the business benefits of cloud migration are such that the transition of BPM to the cloud represents an opportunity to transform the business case for BPM and process improvement to smaller enterprises. Making the step to move processes into cloud should synchronize with the pace for the SMEs overall cloud evolution, including leveraging cloud architecture to invite customers and partners into conversation, to co-develop next generation of products or services, or to offer multi-channel go-to-market activities. Making this move may also refine more traditional processes. Cloud computing may also lead to extending the mobile capabilities of BPMS through access to cloud based storage and processing and delivers process access via browsers to many devices.

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