Overflows of data are not new. The term ?information explosion? was first used in 1941, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. 

According to a great article in Forbes (2013), in November 1967  B. A. Marron and P. A. D. de Maine publish ?Automatic data compression? in the Communications of the ACM, stating that: ?The ?information explosion? noted in recent years makes it essential that storage requirements for all information be kept to a minimum.? The paper describes ?a fully automatic and rapid three-part compressor which can be used with ?any? body of information to greatly reduce slow external storage requirements and to increase the rate of information transmission through a computer.?

So if data overflow is not at all new, and we continue to increase the flow of data at the tap with the additions of mobile, social and cloud, how do we plan to navigate the flow?  Do we really believe that more data is actually better data? Can we actually handle the data we have now?

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